Evaluate your exposure to smoke with epiSmoke, a simple test that detects epigenetic markers of smoking, empowering you with knowledge to protect your health.

Cigarette smoke or exposure to smoke alters the way genes are marked by epigenetic tags. We can therefore detect exposure to smoking by measuring changes in these epigenetic tags. We all know the damage that smoking can cause: lung and other cancers, respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, increases the risk of stroke, and a risk factor for impotence. It is therefore important to monitor and prevent exposure to tobacco smoking.

 Our proprietary next-generation sequencing technique measures those epigenetic changes using samples sent to our lab from a saliva collection kit. 

If you have smoked and want to improve your health and increase your longevity, the first step is to determine the state of your DNA. Once you know the mutations in your DNA from tobacco smoke, you will be able to make lifestyle changes to improve your health and live a longer, smoke-free life.

Within 2-3 weeks from the time your sample is in our laboratory, we will send you a result that   shows whether you are directly or indirectly exposed to cigarette smoke that left an epigenetic mark on your DNA. You can use this information to take steps to reduce your exposure and follow up epigenetic changes to verify removal of these marks.

No. of Tests

6 kits (Recommended 1 kit every 2 months – Price per Kit: $149.90), 1 kit (Price per Kit: $199.00)


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