Discover a clearer path to mental wellness with epiPsych, an easy saliva test that helps tailor your personal health plan by uncovering how your genes impact your wellbeing.  



Tailored Mental Health Understanding

EpiPsych is a pioneering saliva-based epigenetic test designed to explore the genetic foundations of psychiatric conditions. This innovative, non-invasive approach provides deep insights into the epigenetic influences on mental health.

Why EpiPsych?

EpiPsych analyzes the methylation patterns of key genes implicated in stress responses and psychiatric disorders, including NR3C1, FKBP5, BDNF, IL6, and OXTR. Understanding these patterns provides crucial information for personalized mental health strategies, enhancing the well-being of individuals across Canada.

Gene Insights Offered by EpiPsych:

  • NR3C1: Essential for regulating the body’s response to stress. Alterations in its methylation status can impact how individuals cope with stress, making its analysis vital for understanding stress-related conditions.
  • FKBP5: Affects stress hormone regulation. Methylation changes in FKBP5, especially due to early life stress, may increase susceptibility to stress-related psychiatric disorders, a concern for many Canadians facing high stress levels.
  • BDNF: Plays a critical role in brain development and plasticity. Abnormal BDNF methylation patterns can signal the onset of psychiatric conditions, offering a route to targeted interventions.
  • IL6: Involved in immune response and inflammation, with its methylation levels linked to depression, a significant issue in Canada’s older population and beyond.
  • OXTR: Methylation of the oxytocin receptor gene can influence emotional processing, crucial for addressing mental health disorders related to emotion regulation.

Convenient and Accessible for Canadians:

With just three mL of saliva, Canadians from coast to coast can access EpiPsych’s insights. The test is designed for ease of use, ensuring that individuals can participate from the comfort of their homes, without the need for invasive procedures.


Currently available for research and experimental use, EpiPsych represents a significant advancement in personalized psychiatry. It is particularly relevant for Canadians interested in exploring genetic factors contributing to mental health, with ongoing clinical studies validating the markers analyzed.

Interested in Exploring Your Mental Wellness Genetically?

If you’re intrigued by the prospect of understanding your mental health at a genetic level, EpiPsych offers a unique opportunity. We invite Canadian researchers, healthcare professionals, and individuals to contact us at info@hkgepitherapeutics.com for more information on how to participate in this groundbreaking initiative.


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