Can aging be reversed?

Very promising results were published in bioRxiv, demonstrating the proof of principle of age reversibility through epigenetics an particularly DNA methylation changes.

Epigenetics has a tremendous potential for resetting the changes in aging through partial genetic reprogramming, which is a remodeling of epigenetic marks (DNA methylation).

Renowned longevity researcher Dr. David Sinclair from Harvard Medical School and his colleagues demonstrated, that such remodeling of DNA methylation marks in old mice can restore youthful gene activity patterns.

More than that, using the process, that the researchers call REVIVER (recovery of information via epigenetic reprogramming) they were able to reverse the DNA methylation aging clock , and restore the function and regenerative capacity of the aging retina, promote axon regeneration after optic nerve injury and finally restore vision in old mouse and mouse model for glaucoma.

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