MetaGen Mutations Panel - Genetic and Epigenetic Insights


Unlock your health's full potential with the MetaGen Mutations Panel, a simple saliva test for personalized genetic and epigenetic insights to guide your wellness journey.

MetaGen Mutations Panel: Your Gateway to Genetic and Epigenetic Insights

Explore the intricate landscape of your health with the MetaGen Mutations Panel, brought to you by HKG epiTherapeutics. This advanced test merges genetic SNP analysis with epigenetic insights, offering a multi-layered understanding of your well-being beyond conventional genetic assessments.

Introducing MetaGen

MetaGen stands out by evaluating SNPs in five critical genes: AHCY, COMT, MTHFR, MTR, and MTRR, chosen for their pivotal roles in methylation, essential for maintaining DNA integrity, neurotransmitter balance, and detoxification.

Alongside genetic scrutiny, MetaGen brings the EpiAge test to determine your biological age through DNA methylation, reflecting lifestyle and environmental influences on aging. EpiSmoke further enhances this panel, revealing your exposure to smoke and its health implications.

What’s Included:

  • Personalized Genetic Insights: Receive an in-depth report on your genetic makeup, including potential health impacts and customized dietary and lifestyle recommendations.
  • Biological Age Determination: Discover how your actual age aligns with your biological age through the EpiAge test, shedding light on the effects of your lifestyle on aging.
  • Smoke Exposure Evaluation: Gauge your biological response to smoke with EpiSmoke, essential for managing environmental health risks.

Who Benefits?

The MetaGen Panel is ideal for anyone eager to dive deep into their health, aiming for disease prevention and optimal wellness. It’s a tool for those curious about their genetic predispositions, biological age, or seeking personalized health insights.

How to Get Started:

  1. Order your kit online.
  2. Follow the simple saliva collection instructions.
  3. Place your sample in the provided envelope, already addressed to our lab (note: postage is not prepaid).
  4. Cover the postage expenses and mail back your sample.
  5. Await a detailed email report filled with actionable insights.

Embark on a Personalized Health Journey:

MetaGen is more than a test; it’s a comprehensive approach to understanding your health, allowing for tailored lifestyle and dietary modifications. Embrace this opportunity to fine-tune your health strategies based on precise genetic and epigenetic data.

Order your MetaGen Mutations Panel today and step into the era of personalized health care, where the secrets of your DNA and epigenetics unlock the door to optimized well-being.

Bundle Options

1 MetaGen Kit (Price: $359.00), 1 MetaGen + 1 epiAge Kit (Price per epiAge Kit: $169.90), 1 MetaGen + 6 epiAge Kits (Price per epiAge Kit: $149.90), 1 MetaGen + 11 epiAge Kits (Price per Kit: $139.90)


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