EpiMedTech Global is a leading healthcare conglomerate at the forefront of innovations in epigenetics, early cancer detection, and personalized health solutions. As the parent company of HKG Epitherapeutics, we leverage advanced DNA methylation analysis and cutting-edge technologies to enhance our research and product development. Headquartered in Singapore, we are committed to revolutionizing healthcare globally. Our flagship subsidiary, HKG Epitherapeutics based in Hong Kong, continues to spearhead our research and development efforts

Established in 2016 and headquartered in Hong Kong, HKG Epitherapeutics specializes in epigenetic research for early disease detection and promoting healthy aging, focusing on innovative DNA Methylation analysis. As of April 7th, 2024, HKG Epitherapeutics operates as a subsidiary of epiMedTech Global, a parent company based in Singapore. This development expands our resources and global reach, yet our Hong Kong lab continues as our flagship center for R&D.

Our extensive lineup at epiMedTech Global includes a range of innovative health solutions designed to revolutionize early disease detection and proactive health management. Our offerings include:

  • Personal Health Tests: Our diverse range of tests such as the MetaGen Mutations Multi-Test, epiAge, epiPsych, and epiOpioid provide personalized genetic and epigenetic insights through simple saliva tests.
  • Cancer Detection: We offer advanced cancer detection tests including epiPancancer for detecting multiple cancer types, epiCervix for cervical health, epiLiver for early liver cancer detection, epiBreast for early breast cancer diagnosis, and the upcoming epiLung for lung cancer screening.
  • Miscellaneous and General Health: We also provide MGMT gene testing for personalized cancer treatment, and epiSAMe, a supplement that enhances overall health.

All of these products leverage cutting-edge DNA methylation analysis and other advanced technologies to offer unmatched precision in health monitoring and disease prevention

Epigenetic changes, particularly in DNA methylation patterns, are pivotal for the early detection of cancer. These modifications in the genome can indicate the presence of cancer long before traditional methods can detect it. By analyzing these patterns, epiMedTech Global develops non-invasive tests that not only identify cancer at its inception but also help tailor personalized treatment strategies, enhancing the effectiveness of interventions based on individual genetic profiles.

epiMedTech Global is distinguished by its trailblazing establishment of the first-ever clinical laboratory dedicated to epigenetic testing. This groundbreaking facility, equipped with cutting-edge technology and backed by decades of research led by Professor Moshe Szyf, signifies a major advance in the clinical application of epigenetics. Our laboratory not only pioneers comprehensive epigenetic profiling but also develops high-throughput assays tailored for early disease detection and personalized health insights. This unique focus on translating sophisticated epigenetic research into practical, actionable health solutions positions epiMedTech Global at the forefront of preventive healthcare and personalized medicine.

​Even better, these findings will lead to new ideas on how to prevent and treat or cure cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, addictions, and more…even  before they occur.

​Right now, HKG Epitherapeutics is a pioneer in developing the most advanced medical innovations for the early detection and prevention of diseases that affect huge populations of people worldwide using DNA methylation markers. Our visions are already happening.

Healthcare professionals interested in advancing the field of epigenetics alongside epiMedTech Global are invited to reach out to us. By collaborating, you can participate in joint research initiatives, clinical trials, and forge strategic partnerships that leverage our cutting-edge epigenetic tests and research. To explore these opportunities, please contact us at info@hkgepitherapeutics.com. Together, we can drive innovations that enhance early disease detection and promote proactive health management.

Our tests and services are available for direct consumer purchase through our website. Researchers and healthcare providers can also access products that are still in the experimental stage. For more information on how to obtain our cutting-edge epigenetic tests and to explore the full range of our services, please contact us at info@hkgepitherapeutics.com.

  • Singapore: Our headquarters is situated at EpiMedTechGlobal, 60 Paya Lebar Road, #08-06 Paya Lebar Square, Singapore 409051.
  • USA: Our office is located at 1829 Reisterstown Rd, Suite: 350, Baltimore, MD.
  • Canada: Our Montreal location at 600 – 2000 AV McGill College serves as a bioinformatics hub.
  • Hong Kong: Our primary research lab is in the Hong Kong Science Park, located at Unit 313-315, 3/F Biotech Centre 2, 11 Science Park West Avenue.
  • China: We have a facility in Shenzhen, located at Zone E, Floor 4, Building E, Gangzhilong Business Center, Qinglong Road, Longhua District.
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